At MSS, we understand commitment, trustworthiness, and duty. Our priority is to provide you with a safe environment that you can depend on when we are present. Protecting your employees and customers is the top priority for Mannheim. We provide real-time responses to resolve issues and normalize conditions as quickly as possible. Our employees are sharp, attentive, and courteous, making MSS a company that models excellence. While other major companies may answer to their investors, we provide the very best in customer care and answer to you.


MSS recognizes the need to provide a well-trained security workforce.   Our security officers must complete intensive training and testing prior to their assignment. In addition, because each assignment imposes very specific demands, our security officers are trained on-site at your facility.   This ensures that the officers at your location are fully prepared to protect your staff and assets.


MSS security consultants provide on-site security assessments and improvement recommendations based on up-to-date security standards for your facilities.   We believe that the best way to prevent crimes or other unwanted activities is to eliminate opportunities.   Our staff will complete comprehensive inspections of the property and provide key recommendations to mitigate potential losses.   Our goal is to provide you with reliable and cost-effective solutions.


As a security guard provider, MSS understands how important it is to collect, deliver, and access the information that our security officers obtain during their shifts.   As a result, MSS has partnered with a major software firm to provide an efficient way of transmitting this information.   This software offers an efficient way of transmitting vital information from our officers to our clients by delivering their reports via the web.   The submitted reports are securely stored in the cloud so that MSS and our clients have instant access to them as needed.

Mannheim Security Solutions Training Program
  • Duties and functions of a protection officer
  • Report writing
  • Communication Devices
  • Patrol techniques
  • Legal authorities and responsibilities of a protection officer
  • Fire hazard: detection and prevention
  • Professional ethics
  • Public relations
  • Procedures for emergencies
  • Safety issues, Suspicious packages
  • First Aid, CPR, AED