About us

Mannheim Security Solutions, LLC.   (MSS) is a veteran-owned security and transportation company.   We take great pride in the selection of our employees, who represent a wide variety of our homeland security workforce.   Our officers are current and former members of the armed forces, first responders (Law Enforcement, Fire, Medical), educators, and Protection Specialists.   At MSS, we are prepared to provide a full range of security and transportation services.

We Value Our Clients

At MSS, we establish a reliable stream of communications that informs you of the most current security status of your property.   Through quality relations with our clients, we aim to provide excellent and dependable customer service.

Principal Vision of MSS

The MSS team strives each day in creating an atmosphere of respect, maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards, being faithful stewards of all that is entrusted to us, assisting our clients in achieving their desired outcomes, and having a positive influence on all of whom come in contact with our firm.